1 year since opening!

This month  4PawsTrimsalon is celebrating  1 year since opening!

Come by for a great grooming session! When you come at 4 Paws Trimsalon there are the following benefits:

  • Every first time customer receives a 5% discount for the first grooming session.
  • Your friend will have a personalized file with his individual needs.
  •  The groomer takes enough time with your friend as every grooming session last between 1,5h-3h depending how big the dog is.
  • Within the grooming session is also included: wash and bath, nails cutting ,ears cleaning.
  •  Always time for you! no matter how busy, 4Paws Trimsalon guarantees an available appointment !No waiting list!
  •  @4Paws Trimsalon you can always take part in the grooming session and see what happens to your friend while grooming ! (as your pet is quiet on the table)
  • Snacks & water for your friend, same for you (+coffe/tea)!
  • Puppies until 4 months get a 50% discount for a grooming session! (introduction)
  • Over-night care for your loved one ( going in vacation? at 4Paws Trimsalon you can bring your pet for a short or long stay)
  • More? ask ahead!

Come by:)!

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