1 year since opening!

This month  4PawsTrimsalon is celebrating  1 year since opening! Come by for a great grooming session! When you come at 4 Paws Trimsalon there are the following benefits: Every first time customer receives a 5% discount for the first grooming session. Your friend will have a personalized file with his individual needs.  The groomer takes […]

How to clean dirty eyes?

Firstly, as you have any injuries, allergies, and/or infections under control, here are some of the tips for maintaining your dog’s eye health. How can we treat dirty eyes? Let’s see! Dog tear stain remover : used with smaller dogs and lighter-haired dogs. They can be very handy for routine grooming. Pet ” eye comb” : […]

Your Dog’s eye gunk

What is it?When should you get worried? What is this eye discharge anyway? Let’s see This discharge that comes from your dog’s eyes. It can range from a water consistency ( can be an allergy from a foreign object) or the discharge can from a crust. That can be a sign of a bigger problem. […]

Perfect gift for Christmas

What is a something that your dog would be happy about? Christmas or not dog always love: Treats- no matter the season your dog will always appreciate a delicious treat. Toys- add their favorite toy and they will love you even more! Let’s play? Cook or give them their favorite meal A new collar (reflective) […]

Brushing – what type of brush and when to do it + how?

Continuing with the previous post, in order to brush you need to understand what type of coat your dog has. Then you know how often to do it and what brush do use. 1. Long-haired breeds, range from sheepdogs to Irish Setters to terriers, Collies   and  Tibetan Terriers.They need to be brushed weekly; sometimes even more […]

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