First visit to a grooming salon!

Here you will find information regarding the visit to the (Grooming) trimsalon!

Is it your first visit with your best friend to a grooming salon?

Here are some tips to make the visit smoother for your friend and for everybody else!

Before coming please :

  1. Start brushing your dog’s hair if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Regularly tickle their paws (including between their toes), ears, and tushies, which are some of the areas the groomer will be working on.
  3. A few days before coming in, get your dog accustomed with the sounds of a grooming salon. Take him/her in the shower, turn on the hair blower, turn on the shaving machine. Otherwise play it on youtube. Do it so gets a
  4. Take a LONG walk with your dog, for at least 30 min to one hour or more before coming to a salon. The reason is : we want the dog to be calm and submissive and with not a lot of energy left. We want him tired then his energy level is down, enough for him to cooperate on the grooming table.
  5. Enjoy a nice walk or shopping until your friend is done or come sit, drink a coffe/tea and wait for your friend to be done:) !

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