Perfect gift for Christmas

What is a something that your dog would be happy about?

Christmas or not dog always love:

  1. Treats- no matter the season your dog will always appreciate a delicious treat.
  2. Toys- add their favorite toy and they will love you even more! Let’s play?
  3. Cook or give them their favorite meal
  4. A new collar (reflective) and a long line lead to go outside with.
  5. A new bed or blanket, something to cuddle to
  6. A sweater? if they can fit into one and accept it. winter is cold even for our pets:)
  7. The old but always wanted BALL!
  8. Food puzzles are also playful!
  9. A video camera to monitor your pet when you are away from home. Add a treat dispenser and your pet will be happy.
  10. A water fountain! Fresh water is always appreciated

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