Your friends paws in winter! Here are some tips!

Since we are almost in December, reaching the end of November, time flies and it’s winter again! With it, comes also the cold, which is not as friendly for your pet. Luckily we, humans, wear shoes, while our pets are left with their paws in the open.

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What can we do as winter comes to protect their paws?here are some tips:

  1. Grooming. While you may think grooming is not essential in the winter, you are very much wrong. The hair does not make them warm, but it can minimize the clinging of ice balls, salt crystals and ice-melting chemicals that can dry on the skin  .
  2. Cleaning. While you come back from your walk and inside the house, keep a bowl of warm water and wipe clean and dry them after you are back to help prevent them from ingesting any salt or chemicals that may be on their paws. Check for cracks in paw pads or redness between the toes.
  3. Short walks. In winter, short walks are better then long walks. Instead of taking your dog in a long walk, better 2-3 short ones. They can also get frostbites and/or hypothermia.
  4. Dog Boots! For sure they will not like it at first, but it’s worth giving them a try. Maybe they can get used to it!.
  5. Dog Sweaters. It does not have to be latest fashion, but if your dog accepts it, try giving it a try! They will be more warm. Even more so, if your friend has a short hair!
  6. Paws Balm! Try using after every time you go out with your dog. Petroleum jelly also works:)

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