Brushing – what type of brush and when to do it + how?

Continuing with the previous post, in order to brush you need to understand what type of coat your dog has. Then you know how often to do it and what brush do use.

1. Long-haired breeds, range from sheepdogs to Irish Setters to terriers, Collies   and  Tibetan Terriers.They need to be brushed weekly; sometimes even more often if they have tangles. A pin brush is a good choice for these breeds because its bent-wire bristles grip the undercoat and remove loose hairs without causing pain. It can also get down to the skin. Start close to the skin and brush away from it. While using a comb to tease out any mats. Some long-haired dogs may even be considered hypoallergenic.

2. Short-coated dogs, such as Labrador- Retrievers and Chihuahuas , don’t need frequent brushing because their hair doesn’t mat and tangle so easily. Brushing at a couple weeks should be enough to take out the loose hair. Use a hound glove, the pet will be calm, having the impression that you are petting him/her.

3. Short, wiry breeds, such as Dachshunds and most terriers need a slicker brush, followed by a once-over with a metal comb. Twice per week should do it. While a stripping knife can remove the dead hair in the undercoat. If they present mats too, first remove them, then continue.

How to brush?

  1. Start at the back of the neck or head. Brush down and out, away from the dog’s skin. Always brush in the direction the coat grows; dogs don’t like to be brushed backwards.
  2. Be gentle. No one like their hair pulled. Remember when you were a kid?
  3. If you encounter mats, apply a coat conditioner or mat spray and leave it on for several minutes. Mats are very close to dog’s skin, so be careful when brushing, as well you could try scissors, but be careful not to end up at the veterinarian for stitches. If the mats are to close to the skin, or they are to many, the best idea is to shave it off. The hair grows back. Try to save your friend some pain:).
  4. Enjoy your friend with some treats!
  5. Good luck!:)

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